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Share between several platforms, dual/multiple boot

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Hi here!! I review a lot of mozilla docs (out dated or without complete info), forums, googling ... about how to share firefox/thunderbird/ligthing data between platforms on dual/multiple boot system. Every user in same trouble are repeating (copy/paste) in the solution to share the SAME FULL PROFILE on all platforms. I review profile data and folders and I can see files and config data that are platform dependent; then I think that share FULL PROFILE between is not the best approach, for example Linux and Windows will produce several problems (and a lot of problems with the add-ons) In these same mozilla docs recommends to share only data and maintain custom profile for each platform, but not more info how to do it. Please can some kind advanced :) provide some info about the correct approach. Or a better tech info about how is possible the recommendation of sharing same profile between platforms without problems. Because with the current doc info, there is no way to get a clear answer (Almost I can't :~). Thx guys!

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Yes thanks everyone for joining in.

I guess it is the sort of feature that would not be used by many people, and has never been worth the effort needed to attempt to provide it. Especially as sync already effectively has some cross platform facilities.

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