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why can't I disable high contrast theme in mozilla firefox?

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My windows theme is set to high contrast theme, So high contrast theme is automatically shown in Mozilla Firefox and I need it to be disabled in Mozilla Firefox. It means "white" background. The changing of colour in settings (Options/Content/Colous) doesn't works. what to do. This high contrast theme in Mozilla Firefox is disgusting... so for a while i am using Google Chrome. In Google Chrome the high contrast theme will not be automatically enabled , so its nice..... It means I need high contrast theme for my windows and for Mozilla Firefox I need white background like in Google Chrome.....

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I am sorry you had to go through this.

If you want you can install any theme of your choice (which has no so much higher contrast) from here . Addidtionally, you can download Theme font size changer Add-on from here .

Hope it helps.

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At this time, no, Firefox follows the cues of the Windows system style. Firefox 37 will allow page styles to override the high contrast theme. I don't know whether this will also be in Firefox 35 or 36, but either way, I don't have a good solution for you at the moment.

As a workaround, you could try using the "Extended Support Release" of Firefox 31, which is intended for businesses that prefer to upgrade slowly. The regular release of Firefox 31 accidentally did not apply high contrast themes to content, and maybe the ESR version doesn't, either. To test, you can try a "Portable" build from here:


You can simply unzip it in your Downloads folder and after closing regular Firefox, run the portable version from there. It will be empty of your data, but you can get an idea of how it displays pages.

If you like the result, you could in theory install the ESR version for general use (https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/organizations/). HOWEVER: I'm not 100% confident that your existing Firefox 34 settings files are fully backwards compatible with the ESR version, so there's some potential for data loss or corruption in this process. You might want to wait for further comment before doing this.

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This is reproducible and I have filed a bug with the steps to reproduce and what is expected. I do not have an estimated time or if this will change however I have asked the team about this as well.

Please consider the work around until we have more news on the bug.