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Fedora 21 and Firefox Developer Edition

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I want to uninstall built-in firefox browser from Fedora 21 and install Firefox Developer Edition. I have downloaded tar.gz file and decompressed to run the browser which works very well but I want to keep it in launcher permanently. As Fedora 21 is quite new so I do not know how should I proceed.

Thank you.

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I've called the big guys to help you. Good luck.

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Any big guy here?

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Well since the tarball is only a archive and not a package like a rpm or deb it is not really installed. You need to create a launcher or shortcut in desktop or panel or in menu pointing to the firefox script in the Firefox older.

Why the Aurora (aka Developer Edition) channel builds which gets updates almost everyday and not something more stable like Release or Beta which only gets nine builds for a version on average.

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Curious: why do we have developer edition when we can access all developer like things in normal firefox? Just click on the rench and everything is there including eyedroper. :)

Settings are displayed within browser, that's the only and major difference in my opinion.