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Flash videos will show up, but will not play

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Youtube videos and some other sites work fine but then others will have the video on the site, but when I click play it was just load forever or just go dark. I tried resetting FF, updating Flash, safe mode....nothing working. I also uninstalled Adaware entirely and tried turning off AVG to see if that had something to do with it. Still nothing. The same videos also won't play in Explorer either. This just started and all I had done recently (I think) was update Adaware. Help?

Here's one example of videos that will load and have some information in the Flash player window, but just will not play: http://www.nfl.com/fantasyfootball/story/0ap3000000439600/article/week-14-fantasy-football-live-journal

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I can't really help you but some extra information may help other posters. I was able to view videos on this NFL site, although they were slow to appear, on IE, Google Chrome and Opera. It worked in Firefox after I disabled my Adblock Plus extension for this site. (The video opens with an ad. which is probably relevant.) Your System Details aren't showing an adblocker extension but that is something you should check. The adblock problem is very unusual for me. I realise that you have only shown one site as an example.