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Developer toolbox keeps popping up and down randomly. disabling toolbox in about:config does not stop it popping up. any other way to remove toolbox window?

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I think may have a faulty keyboard, as banging on the F keys seems to effect the problem somewhat. However, I can't solve the problem, and it is quite annoying. During any given Firefox session, after a few minutes of the browser being open, the developers toolbox will begin randomly popping up and down, in rapid machine gun fire pattern, and it does not stop unless I close Firefox and open a new window. I have gone into about:config and disabled the toolbar, yet that seemed to do nothing whatsoever to the problem. Is there another (more effective) way to disable the toolbar in question? Why on Earth is this random problem occurring???

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Normally F is find, is there a button locked?

These are the developer shortcuts: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/d.../Keyboard_shortcuts

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Is it the black box with the » on the left end? Shift+F2 opens that. You also can press Shift+2 to close it (if the cursor is not in there, pressing Shift+F2 moves the cursor there, and a second Shift+F2 closes it).

Actually, that's the Developer Toolbar so to disable that, you'll need to return to about:config and toggle: devtools.toolbar.enabled -- success?

Still not sure why Firefox is getting that signal...