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Sync encountered an unknown error - incessantly!

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Firefox version 33.1.1 Windows 7 Ultimate

I keep getting this message: Sync encountered an error while syncing: Unknown error. Sync will automatically retry this action. [Sync Now]

If I click that button, the error message goes away for all of 1 second and comes right back. Forever. All google searches have come up dead so far or ended in some joker with suggestions that go along the lines of "disable Sync". I'm sorry but please don't suggest that crap here. If your car broke down would you like it if your mechanic told you to just walk instead?

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Type about:sync-log in the location bar and hit Enter.

Open the latest error log to view it and see if you can figure out what went wrong. Or, you can copy and paste each log to http://pastebin.mozilla.org/ - then post the URL you are given after hitting Send and someone here who is able to read Sync error logs can review them.

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No I cannot figure out what went wrong. This is only one of over a hundred logs. Good job, Mozilla - on going from bad to worse.

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There's nothing wrong with my bookmarks or history. No lockups, no stuck buttons. Clearly issue doesn't lie with places file.

Which wasn't surprising then when Places Maintenance did nothing at all (Sync unknown error popped up immediately after I restarted FF).

Problem is with Sync - Sync is screwing up. Can we figure out how to fix Sync instead of going on a Microsoft-style wild goose chase?

Được chỉnh sửa bởi nicky9499 vào

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The log that you posted has these entries:

1416041419460   Sync.Engine.History     DEBUG   First sync, uploading all items
1416041419556   Sync.Status     DEBUG   Status for engine history: error.engine.reason.unknown_fail
1416041419556   Sync.Status     DEBUG   Status.service: success.status_ok => error.sync.failed_partial
1416041419556   Sync.ErrorHandler       DEBUG   history failed: database disk image is malformed No traceback 
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Ok, I looked at Places Maintenance again, and found an Options page where you could do stuff. So I clicked everything and this showed up:

> Integrity check - The database is corrupt > Reindex - Unable to reindex database > Integrity check - The database is corrupt - Unable to fix corruption, database will be replaced on next startup

Does this mean I'll lose all my bookmarks and history? How did it get corrupted in the first place and how can I prevent this in future?

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You will likely lose the history if the places.sqlite file is corrupt. You should keep the bookmarks as those will be restored from a recent JSON backup in the bookmarkbackups folder.

  • bookmarks-####-##-##_xxxx_$$$$.json

The 'xxxx' part in the name denotes the total number of bookmarks in the backup.

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Hi cor-el, thanks for the reply. I backed up my bookmarks anyway then went ahead with the fix. Sync error message is gone now, however data doesn't seem to be synchronizing with the server even though Sync is enabled.

Eg. If I visit www.example.com on this computer, then an hour later try to type "exam..." on another computer, it doesn't register (auto-fill) as me having visited the page before.