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where is the option to ask me to store cookies or not when visiting new web sites?

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used to have this option before a moved everything that can be moved over over to an SSD drive. I just cant find it now.

With "Accept Cookies From Sites" unchecked, I am getting about 10 or 20 ad cookies every 5 or 10 seconds. What kinda bs is this?

I just read that the Windows Presentation Foundation plug-in ( as listed below) is a .net security update from Microsoft meant for Internet Explorer that Microsoft who has no apologies and says is malicious and can not me removed. I am able to disable it. Hopefully this will be sufficient.


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hello, you can change this when you go into the firefox menu ≡ > options > privacy and set custom options for your history: Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for desktop

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in Tracking or History ? I see the "Keep until" but I think the relates to the life of the cookies after they are on my harddrive.

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when you set "keep until: ask me every time" you will be able to reject cookies before tehy are set.

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ok so I dont have the option of manual filtering anymore?

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"ask me every time" is the manual filtering

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Note that not all websites work properly with the 'ask me' setting as in some cases you allow cookies for a specific sub domain and not for the top level domain. This 'ask me' setting also can cause you to get a lot of alerts asking for permission to store a cookie.

There are cookie manager extensions that you can look at.

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thanks, I will check out the managers. I used to manually filter the cookies on the other harddrive. Might have updated Firefox, I'm not seeing that option anymore.