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Java don't work after update 33.0

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I have not been able to get Java to work after the new update (update 33.0). I've tried every solution posted on Mozilla Supportforum and other tech-forums. I've completely removed Java (even with help of registry repairing software) and reinstalled it at least 5 times. Even this does not help. All I get from websites running Java is that "You need a program to show this content. Download Java here". This even happens after I have installed Java (Runtime Environment).

This has not only happend to me, but my sister, my dad (we are a Firefox family) and my mom. Even some of my friends complain about this same thing.

Is there a problem with this latest update? Because on my other computer I have the 32.x (something, don't remember the exact version, but it is not updated to the latest 33.0 version) and Java works just fine.

Any suggestions? Or is there an update coming soon, with a fix?

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Does Oracle's test applet run on the Firefox 33 systems? http://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp

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Yes, and it says that the correct version of Java is installed.

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Good - Java runs in Firefox on at least one site.

For other sites, it could be a combination of Firefox 33 + Java 8 that is causing the issue. Do you want to try rolling back to Java 7?

I can't be sure it's completely up-to-date from a security perspective, but Java 7 release 71 is available on the following page -- you want the full 28 megabyte "offline" installer:


(Release 72 looks very similar but from the description, most people should use 71 instead.)

I'm not sure whether you can install version 7u71 without first uninstalling 8u25.