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Bookmark Folders have started duplicating so that I may have 4 or 5 folders with the same name. I use FF 33 with Sync. Thanks for help!

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I use Firefox 33 utilizing the Sync feature. I do not think I have a corrupted places.sqlite file as the bookmarks will still save and recall by tags or URL key word.

My problem is not that I have duplicate bookmarks, I have duplicate bookmark folders.

Does anyone know of a add on that will safely merge duplicate bookmark folders and de-dup any duplicate bookmarks?

It will let me delete empty folder and copy bookmarks from one folder and post to another folder.

One idea I had was to manually de-dup the folders on computer #1 and merge any bookmarks if necessary. Then turn off computer #1.

Turn on computer #2, and log out of sync. Then delete all bookmarks folders and unsorted bookmarks.

Log into https://accounts.firefox.com and delete account. Then turn off computer #2.

Turn computer #1 back on, create sync account, and allow it to sync to the cloud.

Lastly, turn computer #2 back on, sign into sync, and allow it to sync to the cloud.

This seems like a laborious way to fix this issue, any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Then go to other computer

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Hi, I understand that the current strategy to correct duplicate folders between to remove the account from both computers, clean up the duplicates and then to start a new account.

However I am not aware if this will prevent it from happening again, so I also recommend making a back up of the profile Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles

There is also an old add on that was used [ https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/bookmark-deduplicator/] however I have not had the opportunity to try it myself.

Do you have another addon that syncs bookmarks to another place? If it is temporarily disabled, in the new account does it continue to duplicate?

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Do you have a JSON backup in the bookmarkbackups folder that you could restore?

  • bookmarks-####-##-##_xxxx_$$$$.json (or .jsonlz4)

The xxxx denotes the total number of bookmarks in the backup file.

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If you wanna de-duplicate entries, use this AddOn instead -- much more power- and useful, if you have plenty of bookmarks.

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Mel -

Sorry for my tardiness in replying to your helpful reply and thank you for your help.

My problem is self duplicating folders not individual entries.

Some folders have duplicated 5 or 6 times.

Anyone else with this problem that has a solution?

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