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Flash animation doesn't display on firefox

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I have three flash banners embedded with swfobject in a javascript slider (jquery bxslider plugin). Each banner has three ActionScript ExternalInterfaces:

  • calling restartBanner() from JavaScript restarts the animation so that I can restart it whenever the slide is selected
  • calling stopFlash() stops the animation
  • on the last frame of each banner, bannedEnd() is called so that I know when to proceed to the next banner

Everything seems to be working correctly in Safari and Chrome, but in Firefox the last (third) banner doesn't seem to start playing. The weird thing is that even though you can't see the animation (it simply displays the first frame), at some point bannerEnd() is called, so internally the flash animation is working.

At first I thought it's because the container with the banner is not visible and tried modifying the slide's DOM in hope of triggering a re-render and forcing the browser to start the animation (as seen in onSlideAfter method), but that didn't help. I don't have much experience with flash and couldn't find any relevant solutions or similar problems online, so I don't really know where to look.

It's also not the issue of the one particular banner - if you change the order, the problem persists with the last (third) banner.

I isolated the code from the rest of the page and it can be seen here: https://pang.fraktal.ee/~stepan/flash_banner_issue/

As I said, the issue seems to only be with the Firefox browser, so it seemed appropriate to seek help here.

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Hi Stalaryn, Thank you for your question, I understand that you have three flash banners on your website.

In your test the title and the span are different, but the active class is working. Its just that last div that is not loading. As well as the data target in the last tile is not as specific as the others, is it the url of the swf file? I can understand the frustration here.

Can you please file a bug in bugzilla.mozilla.org under web compatibility with reference to your silder?