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Under v33, 2 Win 8.1 PCs sync well; a WinXP PC communicates its bookmarks + bookmark folders, but not its tabs; a Win7 Starter Edition PC syncs nothing in & out

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I just want to report inconsistencies in synchronizing 4 machines. ALL four were introduced to syncing in the last week or so under the latest Firefox. No account was open under the older sync method.

3 machines below run Firefox 33.0. The Windows XP machine runs Firefox 32.

Two Win 8.1 PCs sync well between each other (can see each other's tabs and bookmarks).

A Win7 Starter Edition PC syncs nothing in & out, even though the Sync icon turns when clicked on.

A WinXP PC communicates its bookmarks and bookmark folders to the Win8 PCs, but NOT its tabs. After the commands HISTORY | TABS FROM OTHER DEVICES in the Win8 PCs, no tab from the XP computer shows up, even though the XP computer has open active tabs.

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  • How do I turn on sync logs:
  1. Open about:config and turn on: services.sync.log.appender.file.logOnSuccess and services.sync.log.logger.engine.bookmarks
  2. Restart Firefox and look at: about:sync-log
  3. Logs and error messages will be located here

Please also use pastebin.mozilla.org for sharring any errors that relate to this issue.

Thank you.