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Unresponsive firefox. Won't close so I can't uninstall it. Unable to shutdown or restart computer because it will not close and is completely unresponsive. Help

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I used to stand by firefox; now I've been forced to use Google Chrome; which is insanely xxxxxx compared to Firefox (That is, when Firefox ISN'T A xxxxxxx UNRESPONSIVE BLACKHOLE THAT RUINS MY BRAND NEW COMPUTER).

Thank you

and sorry for the profanity but xxxx mozilla

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Is the computer locked up? Is there a master control program that can shut down running programs?

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Same here since updated my portable FF to version 31 and then 32 on Win 8.1 latest

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Please go to the top of any Mozilla.org web page and use the Ask A Question link; https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new This will let us look at your system details. No Personal Information Is Collected.