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How do I backup Firefox's configuration settings?

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi FredMcD

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Hi Folks,

I'd like to do some tweaking in the config file (about:config) but really need to know how to backup the config file (assuming it is actually a file) before I make any changes just in case I mess things up, or I didn't get the desired result, and need to put Firefox back to the way it was before I started messing with it.

Since I guess it's just one file that all the settings are stored in, what is the name of this file and where would it be located on a Windows 7 computer?

Thank you,


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Thanks for clearing that up for me, cor-el. I'm going to create a user.js file and put settings from about:config in it, edit them, then restart Firefox so that file can be read first before the prefs,js file.

I may finally be on my way to understanding the process here. I appreciate your help and patience.

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FredMcD, may have combined the separate Extensions, Themes, Plugins together to make for 50. Not that there are nobody that uses 50+ Extensions.

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Thanks for your reply james. You could be right, that would make sense if all those were added up. But you never know, some people may have gone "extension crazy" and actually added that many.

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The add-ons web site has so many, I wonder if anyone knows them all. I was doing a search for a user, and found more to check out. One is like search reset but it brings back the add-ons manager when it stops displaying.

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