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Firefox Flash crashes

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I've been having multiple FF crashes for more than 6 months - sometimes a week goes smooth, sometimes there's several crashes a day (I'm in QA and use browsers heavily). In some cases only Flash Player crashes but sometimes it's a whole browser session. I updated Shockwave Flash and FF several times and reinstalled both during that period. Local troubleshooting didn't help either. Please see today's Error msg (https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb4bjck9hu3tccc/PluginError.png?dl=0) and a list of submitted reports (https://www.dropbox.com/s/cf0o25qx0i5xw48/CrashReports.png?dl=0) which can't be opened though. Let me know if any more details are needed to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Thanks!

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Hi AlenaS, Thank you for your question, however in order to further investigate can you please attach submitted crash report ids? To submit the crashes go to the page about:crashes and click submit When done, you can copy and paste the reports with "bp-" in front of them.

Thank you!