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My computer crashed... My bookmarks do not show up even after logging into Sync.

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Yesterday my hard drive crashed. They replaced the hard drive and got me set up, But I cannot view any of the bookmarks when I log into Sync.

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What kind of issues are you having? Can't log in? Can't link? What else?

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I logged into sync, but my bookmarks did not reappear. I did not do the add another machine since I had no clue my hard drive would go bad (it was just replaced a couple of months ago and I went through this without any issues). I don't care about the passwords as I know what they are, just the new links I added within the last couple of months are important. I do not care for Chrome, but they do the bookmarks right. I would rather not have a third party add-on storing them either as a security/privacy issue. Windows Repair failure.. no surprise there. Though they changed it so the blue screen of death is now a pink screen...

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I will call for help for you.

In the meantime, please check these articles; https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/search?esab=a&w=1&q=sync

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BTW, as to password add-ons, they all use the Firefox Password Manager. They just tweak it to operate better.