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Steps to delete Firefox's Plugins.Easy!

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Some people asks How to delete Add-ons from Firefox.Now, i found a easy solution. Follow the steps :

    1. Go to Menu > Add-ons,
    2. Press Modules
    3. Select the plugin/module you want to delete and choose More
    4. There you will see some info about the plugin/module.Look at Folder/File (there you will see a .dll file).
    5. Go to Start,and write the .dll's name (on Search programs and files) and delete it.

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you can also type about:plugins into the address bar, this will show you the exact path to the plugin's .dll files.

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Note that Firefox scans the registry to find plugins.

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One last thing. Some plugins may be used by other processes that would be corrupted if needed files are gone. Might be best just to disable them.

One I deleted a program that mal-ware was using. Only to discover it was a critical Windows program. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $