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certificate is untrusted

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I have a user who is going to the website with : https://www.ourwebsite.com adn after she gets to the admin section and looks up an item she gets a server error msg and will have to close the browser window then she gets the "certificate untrusted" error message. We have deleted the cert8.db we have cleared the cache, history and cookies, we have reset firefox, & nothing seems to fix the issue, PLEASE HELP, she is the only person getting this message, and it only happens when she connects her laptop to the network at the office. It doesn't happen at her home, it doesn't happen over wifi? PLEASE HELP!

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If you do trust the site you can add it to trusted certificates.

   1. On the warning page, click I Understand the Risks.
   2. Click Add Exception.... The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.
   3. Read the text describing the problems with this site.
   4. Click Confirm Security Exception if you want to trust the site. 

Did you do the following:

Open your profile folder:

  • Click the menu button
  • Click help and select Troubleshooting Information.
  The Troubleshooting Information tab will open.

Under the Application Basics section,

  • Click on Show Folder. A window with your profile files will open


  • Click the menu button
  • and then click Exit
  • Click on the file named cert8.db.
  • Press Delete.
  • Restart Firefox.