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Please provide Zip File of latest version instead of exe as exe is not allowed in our company

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Please provide Zip File of latest version instead of exe as exe is not allowed in our company We can only download ZIP or RAR EXE not allowed

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Sorry we don't have ZIP files of the Firefox installer. You can download Firefox from https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/ on another computer, move it to a USB drive and then copy it over to your work computer to install it if you'd like

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Unfortunately the official releases of Firefox aren't available as Zip-archive builds. Luckily a Firefox build called 'Nightly' is and it's very similar to Firefox. You can find the built here {removed Nightly link}..

Edit: Oops, I should be careful copying answers from certain websites. I didn't really look at what Nightly really was. But I will avoid suggesting Nightly in future answers.

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Don't use nightly unless you are VERY certain you want to be on the bleeding edge of technology, and deal with the associated bugs and instability.

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You could have a look at the Firefox 31.0b9 Beta release candidate that has a ZIP version.

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The last Firefox release to have a .zip version along with installer on Windows was Firefox 1.0.1 released way back in Feb 2005, though the browser existed since Sept 2002 when it started as Phoenix 0.1

The .zips was discontinued because some people thought the only way to keep their settings was to extract or install over each other over the previous and it was a top crasher for Fx 1.0.1 due to being mixed install.