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If individual users have such strong privacy rights, then why do the big boys compete for the "illusion" called Market-share?

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I won't leave my name here, nor any personal details. I know that I have been a strong part of the revolution in deep-structure coding that has taken place since the July 4th 2014 weekend, but I can't get any of my proprietary start-up information out to any useful part of the public lately, because I am too busy "fighting" the technical, personal and psychological equivalent of a WORLD WAR, all by myself, over things supposedly as "simple" (and generally as money-constrained) as the "lack of a cell phone." As if cell phones were the New Holy Grail or something...

Anyhow, the impression I have is that the Revolution (whatever that is) could strongly empower a lot more individuals across many more systems into their own success if only the Larger Powers could learn how to stop being so functionally PARANOIC about each other...we need a standard in the 21st Century for what "objective truth" means on a planetary scale... If we can hold back the Great Chaos that long!

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