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Firefox is already running, but is not responding

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None of the suggested solutions work. I have tried the following (not in actual order)/useful information: - Restarted Windows in case problem was just a fluke - Ran numerous memory tests/benchmarks to check hardware. 0% memory errors. - Have newest drivers and applications (i.e. Flash) always updated to latest stable versions - Deleted parent.lock file - Ensured that profile folder (and sub-folders) are not read-only - Only have 4 extensions, and always latest versions (AdBlock Edge, DownThemAll, Garmin Comm., Pocket) - Completely uninstalled Firefox w/ deleted profile and clean installed various post 29.0b1 versions and problem returns after numerous sessions. - Reverted to version 28 (clean install and non-clean install downgrade) and error did not occur during 2 days of test period.

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hello omnimodis, unfortunately this is currently a bug in the current firefox version when you have set your history to be cleared at firefox shutdown - that is investigated and in the process of getting fixed by mozilla's developers with a high priority.

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Thank you for the update! Yep, disabling that for now actually has resolved the issue completely, and turning it back on reintroduces the bug so that really must be it. Thanks, until it's fixed, I'll just disable the cleaning at shutdown.