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Since update 29.0.1 I no longer have the one-step bookmark.

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more options

To bookmark something, I have to first bookmark it to unsorted bookmarks and later go back and edit it to its proper folder. To open the old menu (Files, View, Tools, Help), I now have to click on Alt. Then it disappears again and I have to click on Alt.

Regardless of how I try to bookmark something, I am no longer finding the button to "Bookmark this webpage" or "Add a bookmark" or whatever that option was called which has always been in the bookmarks up to this time?

Is it my imagination or is each improvement of FF increasing the number of steps it takes to do very simple things.

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more options

hello Foxhunt, to edit a bookmark you have just set, you can click the bookmarks star a second time.

more options

I clicked on the star twice and could sort it. I then went to see what was left in the unsorted bookmarks and found two links (probably from earlier) and when I clicked on one of those, it didn't offer how to get it to a folder but just took me to the website.

I also would like to know how to keep the menu (File, View, Tools, Help) open without having to always click on the Alt button.

I hate to go back to an earlier version because I thought the updates are supposed to make everything more secure, but I find it troubling when software changes make the program take more rather then less steps.