Privacy and Security on Firefox OS

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Mozilla cares about your privacy and security on the web. Firefox OS enables you to add the following security features to protect your information.

How do I enable Do Not Track?

The Do-not-track feature on your Firefox OS device, tells websites not to track your browsing behavior. See Do not track on Firefox OS.

How do I enable Phone lock?

To enable the Phone lock on your Firefox OS device, with or without a passcode, see Setting the Screen Lock.

How do I use SIM PIN?

To create and enable the SIM PIN on your Firefox OS device to prevent access to your SIM card, see Set your SIM PIN.

How do I clear browsing history and cookies?

To clear your Firefox browsing history and cookies, see Clear browsing history and cookies.

How do I use the browser padlock icon?

Look for the padlock icon padlock in Firefox before entering any personal information (passwords, credit cards, addresses, etc.) into a web site.

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