Adding calendars on Firefox OS

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To open the calendar app, tap on the Calendar icon, you probably need to swipe one or more screens to the right:

Open Calendar

With the Calendar open you have a choice of importing an existing calendar or add a new entry.

Importing A Calendar

To import a calendar, tap the menu icon (top left).

Add Offline Calendar

Tap the plus sign on the next panel.

add calendar

A sliding panel will appear which will allow you to choose your calendar provider. Tap the type of calendar that you want to add, then follow the prompts to log in.

Calendar Provider

Known issue - Yahoo! Calendar: Yahoo! Calendar is not currently supported in Firefox OS versions 1.0 to 1.4. While configuration appears to work, you will not be able to import or add events from Yahoo! Calendar. We expect to see this resolved in version 1.5. For more information see bug 974554.

To find out what version of Firefox OS you have, see How do I find what version of Firefox OS I have?

Once you've successfully followed the steps, you will see a list of available calendars. Tap the ones you choose to sync with Firefox OS.

Choose Calendar

Once you have chosen the calendars you wish to import, go ahead and click on the settings icon on the lower left hand corner:

Calendar Settings Icon

This will bring up your account settings screen allowing you to, for example, choose the time increment at which your calendar(s) should be syncronized.

Calendar Import Settings

Once you have finalized your settings and clicked Done, your calendar entries will be added and visible.

Calendar Entries

Manual Calendar Entries

To add a new calendar entry directly on the device, click the + icon, located top right.

Calendar Add Entry

On the event screen, go ahead and add all of the relevant information of your new event. There is also room to add any additional comments you might want to associate with the event.

Event Details

Once you have completed all of the information for your event, go ahead and tap on the Save button, top right. This will then save your new entry and redirect you to the Calendar view.

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