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How Do I disable IE explorer on PC due to HS IE hacker warning

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Saw the news that IE has a serious security issue according to Homeland Security. I chose to use Firefox instead as my new default browser. Should I...or can I...disable Internet Explorer completely? Will it affect the performance of my operating system? (Windows 7) and HOW do I disable IE? What are the steps? I am concerned that just using a different browser will not keep my PC from being vulnerable to hackers or the memory issue that the IE bug contains. Can you explain and help?

Also I have Adobe Flash Player 13 installed on my PC. How do I disable it? Homeland Security recommended disabling it as well. Thanks if you can help.

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Please make sure you do Keep windows, Flash, Firefox and your anti-virus up to date going forward to help make sure you plug holes as they become known.

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hello DeathDfyD, regarding IE please see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/how-do-i-install-or-uninstall-internet-explorer-9

for flash it's probably best in firefox to go to new fx menu > addons > plugins and set it to "ask to activate", then no flash content will be executed automatically...

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Hi DeathDfyD,

Thank you for your question about this security issue. There are number of security issues that are being addressed in the security releases in each version. Security Advisories for Firefox

However, uninstalling IE is prevented on Windows operating systems as far as I know. You can turn it off with these instructions

I hope this helps!

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Thanks. Looks like Adobe Flash Player isnt an add-on in my Firefox browser atm. But I did disable Flash player in IE, before turning off IE for now. I will just have to keep my eyes open for any odd behavior with IE turned off. Fortunately I can turn it back on with Windows 7, if necessary. TY again for response. :)

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Thanks Guigs 2. The link to Instructions was perfect. Answered my questions, as well as allows me to easily turn on and turn off IE.

Thanks Philipp. I checked my plug ins in Firefox, and Flash Player 13 is not showing in the list. So I am guessing it isn't active on this new browser. However, I did disable the flash software from Adobe in IE before I turned IE off.

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DeathDfyD, the Flash you have on IE is a ActiveX version and only works on IE. The Flash version that works with browsers like Firefox is a NPAPI version.


Note that Plugins are not actually installed in Firefox as to why you cannot uninstall them in Firefox and can only tell Firefox to make use of it or not by activating it.

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According to the article and video I saw, Adobe Flash should be disabled for IE. I believe they said to disable Flash regardless of which browser I use though. Not sure on that one though. The bug or hack, uses Flash (which I am assuming means Flash Player) to gain access to your PC by way of other web sites you might visit often (they called it "watering hole") So wouldn't ANY version of Adobe Flash player be vulnerable? no matter what format Firefox uses? I thought the video had stated that Adobe did something to fix their program to prevent it being used this way, but then why is Homeland Security still saying to disable it and not use IE?? For now it seems I don't have Flash player active, I disabled it in IE plug-in settings. I didnt even see it listed in my Firefox plug-ins list. Not sure why that is if It shows up in my program files as Flash Player 13. So many sites use flash player that I am not happy to have to disable it. Maybe I need to contact Adobe and ask them if Flash player needs to be disabled when using Firefox?? Yet like I said, it isn't even showing up as installed when I look at the Add-ons/plug-ins, and even on the Adobe site, it scanned my system for any versions, and said I didnt have any installed even though it shows up in my programs. So pretty confused as to all of this mess.

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IE has a security hole in it that has not been patched. Flash had a hole (recently patched) that made it easier for hackers to exploit IE, but now that Flash has been fixed that no longer applies.

Please note that you are only vulnerable if you are actually using IE. If you are surfing the web using Firefox, even with the most recent version of Flash installed, you are not vulnerable to this attack. Only if you use IE will you be vulnerable.

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Ok that was the answer I was looking for. Thanks Tyler. Now I can enable Flash player and just leave IE turned off in Windows 7. Appreciate the help everyone.

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Please make sure you do Keep windows, Flash, Firefox and your anti-virus up to date going forward to help make sure you plug holes as they become known.