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2 Firefox Versions on Server with same Profile ?

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on a Terminalserver ive installed Firefox ESR 24. But for a legacy Application i Need Firefox ESR 10.08. I try this with App Virtualization which works fine, but the virtualized Firefox instance is using the same Profile as the local installed instance and also Shares the same Firefox.exe.

What would be the best way to completly split both Version; running 2 seperate Firefox Processes and using 2 sperate Profiles.

Is it supported to use seperate Versions with the same Profile in General? I could also imagine to Publish the virtualized instance for all users with the same "Default" Profile as i also Need some certs in it. Would that be possible? User dont Need to save any Bookmarks etc. as the browser only presents a Java App.

Thanks for Help, Marcus

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Later versions may clean out older preferences and modify settings in a manner that causes issues for an earlier version, so it is preferably to use separate profiles.

Firefox supports command-line switches to specify a particular profile and to isolate the executable (-no-remote). I don't use these features myself, but you can review this article for more information: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Mozilla/Command_Line_Options

Note that using startup switches (or automatically starting up with the Profile Manager) can break the launching of external links, since the Windows shell registry settings for how to handle links in other applications are not process-specific.

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I found out that is possible to install different Versions of Firefox by using differen Installation Folders. So i can use the "Standard" Version with the Standard user Profile and use the other Version for Special Java web app with a "Default" Profile and Startup command no-remote.

That works fine, Firefox starts in seperate Process with seperate Profile.