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Bookmarks in FireFox Sync

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Currently, I have two computers syncing in firefox. I am only syncing bookmarks. The screen I will be referring to is when I hit ctrl + B to show all my bookmarks.

With Firefox sync, it separates the bookmarks for computer 1 and computer 2 with a line. It shows computer 1's bookmarks on top and then computer 2's bookmarks on bottom. Anytime I bookmark something in computer 1, it shows under where all of computer 2's bookmarks are, when it should bookmark to where all of computer 1's bookmarks are.

This isn't a huge deal. I can just move it, but if I forget to move it, then I'll have trouble finding it, because I expect it to be under where all of computer 1's bookmarks are since that is where I bookmarked it from.

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Have you tried to organize the bookmarks with folders? That way you can have bookmarks organized by topic instead of having them all together organized by date and computer.

Use bookmark folders to organize your bookmarks

Just an idea.

Best, Ibai

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Yeah, I kind of reverted to that. Just removed the separators and make it all look together with folders. I guess it kind of is pointless to have it separated by computer.

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Another similar question regarding this. I can make a new post if needed.

Is there anyway to default the new bookmarks to the top? Currently, I have lots of folders. Any new bookmarks I keep open if I'm currently using them. And then when I don't need quick access to them anymore, I place them in one of the folders.

So the active ones need to be top, otherwise, I continually have to scroll past all the folders to get to the active bookmarks. Thanks.