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My homepage keeps defaulting to the Firefox start page no matter how many times I try to change it.

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When Firefox updates, it always gives me two screens immediately afterwards. The Firefox start page, and what seems to now be the default home page with the links to other features of Firefox. My problem is that I can't get Firefox to accept my changes to the homepage. I've reset it at least three times and every time I close out the browser to try again, it's reset itself to the default pages.

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Hello stingrae90, try to delete the prefs.js file (and if exist, the prefs.js.moztmp file) in profile folder and check it again.

see for more information : Corrupt preferences file

thank you

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You can also check if there is a user.js file in the profile folder to initialize some prefs on each start of Firefox.

The user.js file is only present if you or other software has created it, so normally it wouldn't be there. You may want to check its content with a plain text editor if you didn't create this file yourself.

The user.js file is read each time you start Firefox and initializes preferences to the value specified in this file, so involved preferences can only be changed temporarily for the current session.

Boot the computer in Windows Safe Mode with network support (press F8 on the boot screen) as a test to see if that helps.