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Sync stopped working

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Sync quit working several days ago. I upgraded to the latest Firefox (22), thinking that might fix it, but it didn't. There is a message at the bottom of the browser that says "Sync encountered an error while syncing. Unknown Error. Sync will automatically retry this action." It's been that way for 4 days, now. I haven't changed anything in my settings, so what's going on?

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check services status first. Should be normal - it is this side of the dialogue. Next see the suggestions here

Firefox Sync troubleshooting and tips

let us know, if it helped.

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Service status says it's "operating normally" and believe me, I already tried the troubleshooting and tips SEVERAL times before posting. I always check all sources out before I come to any help forum for anything. Thanks, though. If it's not fixed by tomorrow, I'll just UN-sync (again) and forget it.

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And it still does not work, even though, yet again, the status page says sync is operating normally. Yeah, right! I tried the troubleshooting, plus completely un-synced and started over no less than 4 times but it still will not work. (She the screen shot I've attached that shows the page saying things are normal as well as the error message at the bottom.) Since my Chrome syncing is working just fine, I guess I'll make that my primary browser from now on, since no one has offered any solutions to this, or even said they are aware of any such problems going on.

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