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I hate Yahoo Axis. How can I get rid of it?

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What's with the Yahoo Axis that pops up all the time when I do a search? It happens even if I change my home page AND when I use Internet Explorer! Commentors say to open Tools, Options, Add Ons, Extensions and then disable Axis - OF COURSE , AXIS DOESN'T SHOW!! What's going on with this?

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If JScher would take the time to fully read delps request, then he might have provided a useful response, rather than one that has no value.

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What Extensions do you have -- are any of them associated with Yahoo? You can copy and paste the list from:

Help > Troubleshooting Information

(It will look messy, but it's easier than typing them by hand!)

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If JScher would take the time to fully read delps request, then he might have provided a useful response, rather than one that has no value.

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Hi mozlarry, I'm sorry that my earlier post, which was not addressed to you, did not meet your current needs. The goal of my question was to see whether the poster had some other Yahoo-related extension that could be causing the problem. I didn't get an answer.

I assume you already checked for and removed the Yahoo Axis extension here:

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Add-ons > Extensions category

Rather than write two pages of possibly irrelevant next steps, could you answer the following:

If removing Yahoo Axis didn't help, which searches and/or which pages are affected? Add-ons sometimes change the following:

(1) Address bar search provider
(2) Firefox home page search provider
(3) Search bar (changing search engine plugins or replace the whole box)
(4) New tab page.

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Delps already stated that Yahoo did not show on the list of extensions, so I can understand why he did not bother to reply after it was suggested that he check extensions. The useless answer simply did not address his question.

Other google results reveal that the Yahoo appearance described by Delps is actually a full-page popup banner ad that is easily closed by clicking the little corner "x".

Therefore, the more important question is how this ad got past IE and FF banner-blocking. My solution was to download a more robust , 3rd party banner blocker, which seems to be working.

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I thought the problem was that searches were getting diverted to Yahoo Axis. I didn't realize you were talking about an ad.

What site is displaying the ad? If it's Yahoo search, we had a recent discussion of one of their other ads, full width just above the bottom of the browser, promoting their toolbar for Firefox: How do I stop all those annoying, very thin popup banners that show up at the bottom of the page? I am tired of these unwanted banners.

Those in-page scripted elements are not pop-ups, so they are not blocked by the built-in pop-up blocker. As far as I know, there is no built-in banner blocker.