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Firefox does not ask if I want to save OR open a docx file (possibly others)

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Some weeks ago, I remember that opening certain documents after finding them in Firefox could be done by using it as a temporal file (or at least I deduce that because they were stored in a folder called temp somewhere in my computer's storage). I could do it with docx files, however it does not seem to be the case anymore. It just asks where to save it, which, although is fine, is not what I want. Given that it used to be different, I know it's possible to have it that way, so I'd like to ask: how do I customise Firefox so that I can open files as temporally stored instead of just downloading, as it used to be?

As an example, this is an document I'd like to open as a temporal file.

I hope I was clear, and thank in advance to the wonderful Mozilla community

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Firefox 97 beta is heading toward a new way of handling downloads, more similar to other browsers. I'm not sure where it is best to give feedback on these changes.



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