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Used to be good. Now 35 sucks. Can't print selection. Can't bookmark a page where I want it in my bookmarks.

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more options

To elaborate: I can't simply click on "Print," then get the option to "Print selection" out of your new "menu." I've been trying to figure it out, and had I opted to print would have gotten 29 pages of text, when all I wanted was 16 lines.

Further, I used to be able to categorize my bookmarks in a given sub-heading; e.g., the heading of "Horses," and subheadings of for instance "Carriage Driving" and "Nutrition;" or the heading of "Frugal Living," with subheadings such as "Gardening," "Soapmaking," or "Homesteading skills." Now I no longer have that option; if I want to put a bookmark in a specific category, I have to use a word processor and paste the link into a keyword.

Bring these options back, or I will be forced to find another browser. That's all there is to it.

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more options

You can open the Print menu via Ctrl+P. You can look at this extension to have easier access to print options.

You can check for problems with the places.sqlite database file in the Firefox profile folder.

more options

<CTRL>P simply activates my printer. And I didnt ask about the history and toolbar buttons: I asked specifically about placing a _new_ bookmark in the category where I want it.

more options

ctrl+p should bring up the print dialog of your printer which also allows you to only print the current selection. in order to add a new bookmark to a special folder/category, just click on the bookmark star a second time to edit its details...

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"<CTRL>P simply activates my printer"

{ Ctrl + P } brings up what is known as the "native print dialog" box, which is part of the Windows operating system (and maybe the printer software in some applications), and is where the option for "Print Range - All - Page from # to # - Selection", the number of copies to print, the "Name" dialog where the user selects which printer to use, and the "Preferences" button resides for the user to select additional parameters for that print job, which are particular to the selected printer.

Firefox has never allowed the user to "preview" a "selection" of text to be printed.

Using the Print toolbar button in Firefox 33 and later versions opens the Print Preview window and when the user uses the Print button in the Preview window any "selection" the user made doesn't make it thru to the "native print dialog" box. That's a known Bug that was reported months ago - it shouldn't work that way. cor-el told you about using the Universal Print add-on to get around that Bug - or you can just use { Ctrl + P } as cor-el, philipp, and I have mentioned.

more options

I still want the options back to 1) bookmark a site where _I_ want it, as it used to be; and 2) activate my printer from the menu. I do not understand why those features were ever changed.

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You only need to click the star on the Navigation Toolbar a second time to edit the bookmark and move it from the unsorted folder to another folder. If that isn't working properly then there is a problem with the bookmarks or with an extension.