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How to develop a plugin for 64-bit windows 2008 server?

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I have developed a plugin to open local application from web pages, but the plugin could only run on 32-bit windows and 32-bit and 64-bit windows 7, it couldn't work on 64-bit windows 2008 server. The plugin was compiled by vs2008 studio on 32-bit windows xp. Any instructions or advices, men of genius? Thanks

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Hello, Do you have any logs on what happens when you try to load the plugin on Windows 2008 server? Given that you mentioned that it is working on 64-bit Windows 7, I would think this might have to do with some access credentials.

Any logs from the developer console will be very helpful to narrow down the issue.

Thank you

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Hi Gnittala,

Thanks for your reply.

I debug the javascript code in firebug on windows 8 and found that firefox would be not responding while executing "document.body.append(myPlugin)".

My javascript code is below: function openLocalApp(cmdPath, cmdLine) { var npMyPlugin = navigator.mimeTypes["application/mozilla-npruntime-scriptable-plugin"]; if (npMyPlugin) { var myPlugin = document.createElement("embed"); = "hidden"; myPlugin.type = "application/mozilla-npruntime-scriptable-plugin"; myPlugin.width = 0; myPlugin.height = 0; document.body.appendChild(myPlugin);, cmdLine); } else { alert("Failed to create the plugin!"); } }

And firefox plugin's source code copys from the following link: Just changed a little.

I know the sample is very old, but newer proper sample couldn't be found. So if you can give me a newer sample, I'll appreciate. Thanks again.

jackey_option tarafından tarihinde düzenlendi

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You didn't mention the code snippet where your plugin is getting instantiated and seeing that will be helpful. Are you sure that the myplugin object was non-null when you were trying to make the appendchild function?

Also, can you please use dependency walker to check your DLL for missing dependencies on Windows server 2008 64-bit. May be the DLL load is failing because some library is missing.

I am not well versed with the changes in the NPAPI plugin architecture, so it might be worth posting your query to this group Mozilla plugin dev