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How to Save particular Tab Group as a Session?

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I want to be able to save Tab Group in Panorama as a Session, that is not only URIs but also a History of every Tab in Group and all the rest usually saved session attributes (like Tab Position within Group etc).

  • click the Tab Group button at the Tab Strip
  • right click on a Group
  • select Save Group

then you should have saved session named after this group (plus date, possibly).

There certainly should be such a basic functionality as saving/restoring Tab Groups for later use but I cannot find it in the UI. Perhaps it's just hidden somewhere?


  • and yes, I already (have to) use Session Manager addon (because Adobe Flash player plugin still crashes FF and session restore may be inop);
  • also, I know about 'right click on a tab, 'Bookmark all tabs' feature -- it only saves tabs' URIs and clutters my bookmarks.

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This feature is not built in. You could try one of those addons for Mozilla Firefox: they have been reviewed by Mozilla to ensure safety and performance. session manager looks good, I can confirm that there is no builtin feature you're missing.

Is there some issue with the addon, some misbehaviour or incomplete save or something? Or are you just asking to make sure that this is not builtin?