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In Gmail When I select message, I cannot delete : "No messages selected", also cannot access options...

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At the boxes at the left of e mail messages I click or select one or several messages. I go to the delete box, click there and a message appears at the top." no messages selected". Same thing happens if I select one or more messages. I go to the "move to box", select the folder I want to move those messages to and then the message "no messages selected" comes up again. The only possible way to delete an e mail or move it to a folder is to open the message and then click the delete or move to box.

Also I cannot access the option menu.

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I tried a bunch of google hidden settings, re-install ff4, looked at ff error console, tried for hours looking for an answer on google, and this the only thing that worked for me: create a new firefox profile. I didn't even know that I had one to begin with. I had to re-install add-ons, import favorites, and re-sign to websites with passwords, which took me about 25 min. to get the bulk of it done.

Now all things google work great (gmail, enter keys on search results, drop-down google header items, etc.), so it was completely worth the time to do it. Although it would have been nicer not to have to do it in the first place, but whatever, technology, sheesh, cry, moan, whine.....just don't leave me.

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Upgrading my firefox to v5 solved my issue...