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Embedded YouTube videos always result in "An error occurred, please try again later."

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No matter what website I'm no, all embedded videos on youtube pages result in the player window loading everything but the video (buttons, timebar, related videos, etc) but never the video itself. Instead it's a black box with "An error occurred, please try again later" displayed.

If I go to the video's page on the actual YouTube, it plays without a problem. Embedded videos that aren't from youtube work fine, too. This only occurs with YouTube videos embedded in other non-youtube pages. This only occurs with FF (the past few versions, too), Chrome works just fine, and on several different computers (XP, Vista x64, and 7 x64).

Also, clearing Cache does nothing, nor does clearing cookies.

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The problem is with the the Third Party Cookies

Blackzeus22 tarafından tarihinde düzenlendi

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this is not an isolated issue either it could be a problem with the cookies or the super cookies (flash generated)... because it happens in Ubuntu Natty also thus its really likely because of the flash plugin and ppl should be complaining to adobe instead.. tho HTML v5 is the likely culprit since more pages are to follow in that direction. However, there is no standard for video in HTML v5 or if flash will be allowed in the standard. As to having said about the cookie issue I have cookie monster installed and do not see any ¨third party cookies¨ when playing any videos. If there were an issue with such.. I would see it.

Further inspection shows NaN:NaN on the time index if you get the video to play and the error is overlay is being displayed on top.

as also seen in this chrome help page.. .

image is from said page

firemnkyblz tarafından tarihinde düzenlendi