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email confirmation of my question not received after 1/2 hour

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Your confirmation message says an email has been sent to my email address. The email address is correct, but no email has arrived after one half hour.

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I still have not received a confirmation email about the tabs. Every time I open a bookmark, it opens in my current tab. I like to keep open several tabs at all times and as I browse I want new tabs.

Unless I open a blank tab first, it is opening bookmarks, etc., in the same tab.

i.e., I'm looking at the TV Schedule and decide to check my yahoo mail. When I click on Yahoo, it opens in my TV Schedule tab. I want all my tabs to stay open until I close them myself.

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You can middle-click a bookmark to open that bookmark in a new tab, just as you can do with other links.

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Thanks for the info. I never got to use my middle click before, just for scrolling. I'll have to get used to using it, but it works. I installed the tabberwockey. I like it. Tab Mix Plus doesn't sound like anything I need. Now if I could just tell which tab I'm on, but that is another question I have posted. I really appreciate your prompt and accurate response.

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You're welcome.