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Two UI improvement request around session restore and History

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Been too many times when I’ve meant to close a bunch of tabs but don’t wanna to close the session restore tab (it’s my only way of accessing the old session tabs) and I accidentally close that session tab as well, thus losing all those old tabs. Is there anyway you guys can make it harder (Maybe with a “are you sure” prompt) before allowing to close that tab?

Also, when I go into history and click “open in new tab” on a link (lets say I’ve scrolled all the way down to find it), one the link opens, the link gets sent to the top of the list in history, thus making me lose the context of where I found the link in history. This is terrible UI, I should be left off where I clicked on the link (with it’s surrounding context (i.e. date, etc)

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You can try to pin these tabs as pinned tabs are usually harder to close.

Note that you can undo closed tabs and windows via "History -> Recently Closed Tabs/Windows".

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Pinned tabs might be useful, but doesn't feel like the real solution. I also tried to look in the ""History -> Recently Closed Tabs/Windows" and it wasn't in there

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For the history item jumping to the top because you visit it, a possible workaround is to use a "New Private Window" to open the link as the reason that this happens is that a new history item is created if you click the link and Firefox only shows the most recent visit and PB mode will prevent a new history entry from getting created, so you keep the old history item visible.