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How can I selectively transfer some bookmarks and passwords from 1 computer to another?

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I have a big list of bookmarks on my pc. In the past I managed to export these to my laptop as a "clean" list of the ones I use most (master list still on pc) I have another new laptop so I used Sync to transfer the bookmarks and passwords from 1 laptop to another.

I have about 10 more (newer) important bookmarks and passwords on my PC that I want to transfer to the laptop. There are a few bookmarks on the laptop not on the pc but thats okay - I don't want to lose them from the laptop but I don't need them on the pc - which is why I can't just sync between the pc and laptop

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There isn't a built-in solution for this. I have a suggestion for the bookmarks, but not for the passwords.


You can create an HTML-format Export file of your bookmarks on the Firefox where they exist. See:

Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks

On the Firefox where you want to add the bookmarks, I think you have two options:

(1) Import the entire file, and move the new ones where you want them, and delete the rest. This assumes that Firefox creates an "Imported Bookmarks" folder to keep the new file's content separate. If it duplicates all over your bookmarks, you'll definitely be cursing Firefox and me. So maybe don't try this first.

Import Bookmarks from an HTML file

(2) Open the file in a Firefox tab, and individually add the bookmarks by finding each link and then either:

  • right-click (on Mac, Ctrl+click) the link and click the star icon on the context menu, then use the drop-down to select the destination
  • drag-and-drop the link to the desired spot on the Bookmarks Toolbar or Bookmarks Menu
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Thanks for the swift reply. If I follow step 2 I can import the bookmarks but not the log in and password data which is more important than the actual bookmark itself and that's what I really want to move across

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Would the following work (bit long winded): On my PC export from firefox to chrome(I don't use chrome very much) Edit out all but the 10 I need on chrome On laptop sync chrome to chrome Export from chrome to firefox so I SHOULD see these 10 as an additionam imported folder on FF?

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First of so there is no confusion; Sync works between the Sync server and each device individually. There is no direct connection between the devices, and all data gets merged on the Sync server.

Can't you use Sync for just the Password / Logins data? Make sure you deselect all but Logins data on the target device. All Logins will get synchronized in both directions; to the Target device from the Sync server and from the Target device. No way to limit the sync to only specific Logins / URLs, or exclude any Logins.