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Suggestion: Include webpage icons in Firefox Sync

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I'm especially glad I upgraded from Firefox 57.0.4 stable to Firefox 58.0 stable when I found out yesterday afternoon that addresses are now included in Firefox Sync's capabilities if I tell Firefox Sync to do that, which I did. It would be great if all the webpage icons on my bookmarks would sync with Firefox Sync as well. As of Monday, January 29, 2018, I have 520 bookmarks, all in my bookmarks bar. I'm very much used to recognizing webpages by their respective icons in that list, along with their names. I've had to reset my Inspiron 7558 two days ago for the umpteenth time because of slowness, not to mention Firefox wouldn't open despite uninstalling it and then reinstalling it! Firefox 57.x didn't work out well for me since it's clear to me that version put speed before reliability. It was the first time Firefox called their Windows, macOS and Linux browsers "Firefox Quantum", after all. Thankfully, with Firefox 58.0, everything's under control. Hopefully, with Firefox 58.0 and a nice, clean 500 GB hard drive, Firefox won't keep crashing. I would love to get an email response from any of those countless bug reports I've always sent with the Mozilla Crash Reporter!

And another thing, it would be great if ALL the settings in my browser on Windows 10 Redstone 3 synced with Firefox Sync. There are a few as of right now that don't, such as having the taskbar in Windows 10 having one tab per Firefox tab open, not per Firefox window open. This is especially helpful when I'm downloading public domain or free use images from or for me to back up safely on my OneDrive and then seamlessly have them on all my devices like my iPhone 6s and my services like FreePrints! Right now, Firefox is my preferred browser on both Windows 10 and my 64 GB silver iPhone 6s, and as long as I can notice a major or otherwise demonstrable improvement over the previous major stable build every seven Tuesdays, it shall always be, and I shall highly recommend it to every one of my family members and friends! There's always room for improvement for nearly everything!