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Can we extend the Silverlight support till 2019?

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We have around 22000 clients, and our product is based on silverlight. Firefox will stop supporting silverlight in 2018. This will force us to switch to IE with all our customers. We request to extend the Silverlight support.

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hi krutikparikh90, this is a users helping users forum, so it's not the right place to lobby for development decisions like that. though the decision of dropping npapi support has long been made and announced and i don't that there is any chance of it being reverted, the mailing list might be a better venue to have a discussion:

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This decision mirrors actions by other modern browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which have already removed support for legacy plugins.

jscher2000 said

Are you related to this poster? Request Firefox to extend support for Silverlight as it would affect more than 20000 users of our product and we would be forced to move to a different browser

Also related to /questions/1138146 and /questions/1138288

Creating new accounts to keep asking this is not going to get Mozilla to change.