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how do you figure out what plugin is needed to see pictures at ???

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Using a new install of Mozilla Firefox - navigating to - you see the slideshow box but without the slideshow pictures with message "A plugin is needed to display this content". Any suggestions for the plugin needed? The slideshow is based on Picasa photos on a Google photo site.

Also if you are in Kirkland, WA area and want to learn how to square dance - come join us on Thursday Sept 19th at 7pm. It is fun & good exercise. More info at If you want to see the club photos before visiting us - it works with Google Chrome & IE.

Thanks for your assistance.

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It looks like you require the Picasa plugin by Google. Picasa is a photo editing and organizing software created by Google. You can find more information about this software on their website.

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That is a Flash player.

Your system details list doesn't show that the Shockwave Flash plugin is installed and enabled.

  • Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Plugins

You can find links of the latest Shockwave Flash player for Firefox on this page:

You can verify on the Adobe Flash Players Test Page that the Flash plugin is working and which version you have.

See also:

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Adobe Flash Player 18,0,0,232 was installed per instruction from cor-el. Now the website slide show window shows a black box with the slideshow controls (left arrow, pause, right arrow) at the bottom of the slide show box, but no pictures are displayed.

You can click on the play button and resume button to start/stop the slide show but no pictures are displayed & slideshow box remains black.

fyi - I installed Picasa 3.9 on the PC before installing the Adobe Flash Player and was not prompted to install any plugins. It did not resolve the issue so I uninstalled Google Picasa application prior to installing Adobe Flash Player. On the Google Picasa website, I did not note any plugin information for Firefox.

I have confirmed that Adobe Flash Player is installed and that the plugin is active.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Thanks for your assistance

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If would appear that the developer of the website knows that this does not work on Firefox. They have a link under the slideshow that says "Please use this link with Firefox".

I just checked on my browser and mine also displays the blank images. I have contacted the website developer for more information and I will let you know if they have any information that can help you.

Sorry for any inconvenience. If you click the link below the slideshow, you can still view the images, but not in slideshow form.

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Hello Wesley -

I am in charge of the website, so I updated the website page(s) to alert Firefox users that we have a known issue with working as expected with Firefox (IE, Chrome & Safari displays slideshow photos).

I have also tried the following without success: - Clear Recent History - Everything (with default details) - Confirmed website properties includes permissions to load pictures - Refresh/reset Firefox settings - toggle various about:config settings (browser.display_document_color_use, browser.display.use_system colors) - run Firefox as administrator - installed Adobe Shockwave Player (12.2) - seen by Firefox as Shockwave for Director 12.2 - toggled Shochwave Flash option in plugin manger for "Enable Adobe Flash protected mode"

Please let me know if there are other suggestions - Thanks

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The plot thickens...

The website with issues is a free Google website with access via Google websites or thru a registered Domain Name. I only publish the Domain Name URL for club members & other visitors to access.

If you visit the website via Google Websites - the photo album works perfectly

If you visit the website via registered domain name - the photo album does not display the photos

Thanks for any suggestions or advice

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the plot thickens part 2

If you open Firefox and enter URL of the photos are displayed

If you then change the URL to the photos are displayed

If you close Firefox & re-open and enter URL of the photos do NOT display - just a black slideshow box with controls

thanks for any feedback...

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This is very strange. I got it to work once on the Google domain, but then it didn't work again until I restarted Firefox.

This could be an issue on our end. Can you please file a bug report on Bugzilla, so that the developers can take a look at the issue and possibly find a solution.

I would also consider contacting the company that provides your domain name and see if some of your DNS settings or something are configured incorrectly.

I would research alternative photo slideshow widgets for your website. Google tends to be less open, especially with Firefox. We are their main competitor in the internet browser world, so they would like to keep customers with Chrome. I'm not saying that this is the cause of the issue, although it wouldn't surprise me if this was the case.