Firefox OS'e giriş

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Firefox OS, Mozilla'nın, web standardları üzerine inşa edilmiş açık kaynak kodlu mobil işletim sistemidir.

Genel bakış

Mozilla, Firefox OS'i geliştirmek ve cihazları 2013 içinde gelişmekte olan pazarlara sunmak için çeşitli operatörler ve üreticilerle işbirliğine gitmiştir.

Firefox OS Geliştirici Önizlemesi aşağıdaki cihazlar için Telefonica ve Geeksphone işbirliği için yayımlanmıştır:


Firefox OS v1.01 şu anda aşağıdaki iki cihazda desteklenmektedir:



Desteklenen cihazlar, bir akıllı telefondan beklediğiniz e-posta, SMS mesajlaşma, arama, harita ve GPS navigasyonu, müzik çalar, FM radyo, kamera, Facebook ve Twittergibi tüm özellikleri sunar. Bildirimler, bağlantı durumunu, pil ömrünü ve saati görmek için tepedeki bildirim çubuğunu kullanabilirsiniz.


Organize your most-used apps in a simple tray on the bottom of your home page for quick access to browsing, email, calendars and contacts.

Browser on Firefox OS

Of course, you'll enjoy the world-class Firefox browser and Firefox Marketplace marketplace for games and entertainment, social apps, weather and local content on your phone.

Tap and hold the home button to close and switch running apps.

App Manager

Pull the utility tray down from the top of your phone for quick access to WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, Airplane mode & Settings.


Firefox OS even has dynamic app search offered by no other mobile OS. It enables you to search for anything on the web and run it as an app on your phone without even downloading it!


If you find an app you like, just tap the bookmark star in the bottom navigation bar.


Firefox OS enables you to customize all of its system features to your preferences in the following Settings:





Use the Help to access this user guide on your phone. You can search all of the help articles in your language or ask a question of our community of experts.


Mozillians are here to help you learn Firefox OS.


We'll show you how fun it is to join our great community of support contributors!

Syncing contacts between phones and importing Facebook friends

Scheduling activities

Organize your busy professional and personal activities using scheduling tools synced with your social network or your professional schedule.

Using SMS


Use productive and quick multi-tasking features.

Setting up Email

Downloading apps


Going online (connecting to Wi-fi)


Navigation and maps

Silence Mode

Battery saving options

For commuting, the interface is designed to have a clear indication of when the battery needs charging, and how much battery is left. Battery saving options are enabled with the use of Airplane mode and by enabling auto-adjust of brightness and screen saving in the Display settings.

Listening to the radio and music player

Playing games with friends in-person with connected devices

Enhance social moments through connecting devices in-person. Firefox OS provides the ability to play games or share content together in-person by using Bluetooth.

Customize controls and options on Firefox OS

It is easy and fun to customize your Firefox phone to your lifestyle using these helpful articles.

Controlling data and credits

The interface is designed so that data can be turned on and off with confidence. Across all data and communication services, Firefox OS phones provide a level of credit clarity and reassurance, and simple data plans as an option from your carrier.

Don't see what you need? Check out our Firefox OS FAQ.


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