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FireFox Crashes Using Adobe Plugin

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Only on version 3.6 and above our Firefox will crash with the Adobe Plugin open. When we run our reports it generates a PDF inside Firefox and then once we click on any other areas in the web browser it locks it up and then crashes. We are using the DoJo toolkit for many design features on the site but we have yet to determine the cause of the crashes, all we know it only happens with the Adobe Plugin 7 or 9 (haven't tested 8) with Firefox 3.6 and above.

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I would recommend trying to start Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode and see if this still happens - if it does not, close Firefox, restart it in Safe Mode, select "Disable all add-ons" and click button "Make all changes and Restart". Now turn on the addons one by one and test if it works for each, to find out which plugin causes the crashes.

Please let us know how above works out, and if we can be of further assistance. Detailed feedback is appreciated and helps us to help you better, plus enables us to better help other users with similar issues.

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I have version 3.6.3

I'm not 100% sure if the crashing is related to a plugin or not but...

This started to happen immediately after I clicked on a bad YouTube video posted on Facebook which prompted me to download a fake video update. I have ran every virus scan imaginable and still no luck getting these ads to go away.

"Distracting Beach Babes" video on Facebook Wall. Facebook Malware Attack Behind Distracting Beach Babes Video "this is hilarious! lol :P :P :P Distracting Beach Babes [HQ] Length: 5:32"

I know this has nothing to do with the JPG or other sites i'm on site because I'm an administrator for the JPG site. This only occurs with my FireFox browser.

A) spawns a banner at at the top of the page (see attachment)

B) spawns a popup ad "congratulations you won!" in a seperate browser along with a companion pop up message in the lower right hand side of the screen.

C) FireFox is now crashing all the time on me

PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS. uninstalling and reinstalling FF doesnt work.

Thanks Toby

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When I disable the Adobe plugin, the problem does not happen. It will not crash but will prompt you to Open or Save the PDF which works perfectly fine. It is definitely related directly to the Adobe Plugin.

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Toby You posted that same message in another thread:

Please try to avoid cross-posting (posting the same item in more than one thread).


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I posted the same thing twice because it was spawning ads AND crashing on me.

I took Gavin's advice (above) of shutting off my adobe plug-in and so far no pop-up or extra banner ads spawning at the top of the page, but FF is crashing uncontrollably now. Yikes!

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I've been having same problem. For work I am constantly using an online database of .pdf files. Sometimes Firefox just gets stuck "not responding" and has to be closed down. Other times I get a message window from Adobe Plug-in saying an internal error has occurred. When I send Windows error report after exiting Firefox when it's not responding, I'm directed to a page telling me to download the latest Firefox update, which I already have. Nonetheless, I tried it yesterday & it made no difference. I don't think I've clicked any YouTube videos on Facebook or anywhere else. I really don't want to shut down the Adobe plug-in as I want to open the .pdfs within the browswer. Having to save them or open them in Adobe is a pain when you have to do over and over all day long. Hope somebody figures out what the problem is soon.

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Lynn > When I open larger pdf files, I also on occasion observe a delay with a freezing Firefox for a few seconds - I'm guessing that is the time from Firefox gets the file and hands it over to Reader, and until Adobe Reader responds with the output to the browser.

But of course it shouldn't freeze totally and create an unresponsive Firefox.

These are just 2 possible solutions that may or may not work, but you might find it worth trying:

1) Uninstalling Adobe Reader totally from the system, make sure it's no longer present in Firefox either, then reinstall Adobe Reader.

2) Uninstall Adobe Reader and try an alternative, like the free Foxit Reader.

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Thanks for the Foxit recommendation, using that PDF plugin works for me.

1. Download the Foxit Reader and Foxit Firefox Plugin. 2. Install Foxit Reader and go to Help > Install Updates and browse to Foxit plugin and install it (it has an .fzip extension) 3. In Firefox disable Adobe Plugin.

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Glad it worked out for you Gavin. :-)

For reference, here is a link to the information- and download page for the current Foxit Reader 3.3 for Windows: Foxit Reader 3.3 for Windows Note that this isn't open source but proprietary software (pretty much like Adobe Reader), and that functions beyond view/print of PDF files may require a license from Foxit Software. Ordinary view/print/save functionality is available for free - see above link for EULA etc.

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Foxit is free and has small file size compared to adobe reader bloatware. I use foxit also, it is the best of them both, more so the file size. ;)