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How can I get the .cer-File for my secunet Konnektor?

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I need to download a certificate from a device in my networt called secunet Konnektor

on the manual it's written how to do it.

I suggest to find a manual somewhere in the first link or in google:

chapter 7.4.3

go to chrome (same with edge)

click on the lock on the left hand side of the link https://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8500/management

somehow click on the button where you can open a small windows called "certificate".

The "General" tab shows informations about the certificate.

Click on the tab "Details" and click on "Copy file".

The certificate-assitent opens and after clicking on next, you choose DER-coded-binary X.509 (.CER)

Save the file somewhere where you can find it.

I can't do this on firefox

On firefox I can find a lock on the left hand side of the link https://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8500/management

when i click on it and then on something else, i can then click on more informations.

a windows opens called "page informations"

under "security" i click on "view certificates" and a new tabs opens called "certificate for konnektor".

but there is no possibilty to download a cer-file. only a pem file and it doesn't really help me.

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2.2 Sicherheitsfunktionen 7.4 Erstanmeldung > 7.4.3 TLS-Zertifikat exportieren (CER-Datei) > 9.3.3 Bereich „Clientsysteme“ 9.5 Das Menü „System“ 9.5.2 Bereich „Zertifikate“ > 11.4 Den Modularen Konnektor administrieren 16.8.3 TLS 16.9.5 Menü „System“


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