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I haven't been automatically warned of the new version 29. Why ?

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Usually I receive a warning message from Firefix that a new version is available to install. I installed a few weeks ago version 28 and have never been warned that version 29 is available. Why ?

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Firefox not Firefix. Sorry for this typing mistake. It's not a gag...

hello halt2010, are your update preferences set accordingly in the firefox advanced options?: Advanced settings for accessibility, browsing, system defaults, network, updates, and encryption

Thank you philipp. I have already set up the preferences with the corect choice : I have requested to be warned whenever an update is available. And it has worked during several years. Problem occurred only with version 28. I wonder if this is known bug of the previous version.

Hi halt2010,

I do not think that there was a bug. If you can reproduce this though, please do not be discouraged to file a bug with the steps to reproduce. Just provide the troubleshooting info with the setting for your updates.

I will try as well, be back with results.

I cannot reproduce this with manual or silent updates.

guigs மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

I cant reproduce. I have updated to version 29 so I don't have version 28 anymore.