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Firefox crushes

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).

  • Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window.

use safe mode for starting fx browser

Before FF crushed it consume all free memory and actively work with cookies.sqlite-shm, cookies.sqlite-wal, cookies.sqlite


Have you tried to enter Firefox in Safe Mode as cor-el suggested?

Do you still have this problem in Safe Mode? If you don't, it's most likely one of your extensions/plugins. You can troubleshoot your plugins by entering Safe Mode. Follow the directions below to enter it:

  • Click Help > Restart with add-ons disabled
  • Click Start in Safe Mode in the dialog box that comes up.

If you don't see the problem occurring, it's one of your extensions. You should first disable all extensions then re-enable them one by one to find out which is causing this issue.

check about:crashes to see the status reports

I have too many extensions for disabling them one by one. FF is useless without extensions and this bug is rare. There could be weeks between crushes. I coudnt wait next crash without extensions.

If it works in Safe Mode and in normal mode with all extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) disabled then try to find which extension is causing it by enabling one extension at a time until the problem reappears.

Close and restart Firefox after each change via "Firefox > Exit" (Windows: Firefox/File > Exit; Mac: Firefox > Quit Firefox; Linux: Firefox/File > Quit)

  • If you have many extensions then first enable half of the extensions to test which half has the problem.
  • Continue to divide the bad half that still has the issue until you find which one is causing it.

One more crash And couldn't reproduce it :( Started FF in Safe mode - no crash. Started FF with half extensions - no crash. Started ff with all extensions - no crash.

Troop666 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Consider creating two additional profiles. Run one with half of your extensions and the other with the other set of extensions. Modify the extensions active in each after crashes. Eventually you should will be able to work out which extension causes the crash.

  • Background information on multiple profiles use see my post.

Using such a method keeps the full range extensions available while you use Firefox and allows you to test which set of extensions causes the problem.

The last crash report is likely an out-of-memory issue with System Memory Use Percentage: 95 just like the second crash ID that you posted above.

cor-el, you are right at some point. all crashes going like i'd described before - "Before FF crushed it consume all free memory and actively work with cookies.sqlite-shm, cookies.sqlite-wal, cookies.sqlite ". In some cases i don't want to waste my time and kill ff before it can eat all memory. So, out-of-memory is't the cause of an issue.

If you close Firefox before it crashes Firefox will not be submitting a crash report. We still need to find out if any particular extension or plugin is involved with this issue.

As you realise crashes that are apparently random and not frequent are hard to troubleshoot.

If you do try new profiles and try to narrow down whether a particular addon is involved you may find you can see problematic behaviour in advance of any crash. You may find you can see activity with sysinternals that indicates a problem exists. You may also discover problems with about:memory one of Firefox's reporters.

Probably solved the issue. Need more testing. Cause of problem - Mouse Gestures Redox Action - OpenNewDocument

function () {

   if (mgGestureState.globalOnLink) // open link in new window
     openUILinkIn(mgGestureState.globalOnLink[0].href, "window");
   else {
     if (mgGestureState.globalOnImage) // Open image in new window
       openUILinkIn(mgGestureState.globalOnImage.src, "window");
     else // open blank window

Default key combination ctrl-n lead to the same behavior - ff consume all memory and crash. So this isn't the Mouse Gestures Redox bug.

Not much we can do I am afraid if you are using a lot of Firefox addons.

Ideally we need crash reports from a clean profile in safemode and with no plugins enabled, or just the one problematic addon in use.

Without extensions i couldn't reproduce behavior. I would test it more.

Finely, i found buggy extension - Ghostery 5.3.1. It's a pity, cause this extension is very useful for me. Any suggestions?

It is probably not Ghostery alone causing the crashes. I have ghostery installed along with apparently another million or so users.

I note the latest version of Ghostery is apparently 5.3.2