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get rid of in tab

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dont know how but i have coming on each time i click on a tab, and not my home page, i cant find anything anywhere for and want to get rid of it, how do i do this

dont know how but i have coming on each time i click on a tab, and not my home page, i cant find anything anywhere for and want to get rid of it, how do i do this

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@PCFixHelp - the full removal guide is here :

In the video, you didn't run the uninstaller till after you performed undertake manual browser resets. The version you've used to demonstrate is the new version available from our website at, it includes the updated uninstaller.

If you had just run the uninstaller and selected the option "Remove outfox as homepage" you would have saved all the earlier browser reset steps. If you don't believe me give it a try :)

The remaining C:/Program Files/OutfoxTV folder toward the end of your video will be removed automatically upon system restart, we're looking into a prompt to remind people to restart, as most programs do, we didn't have a chance to include it yet.

Try out the process at - it should cut your video down to less than 60 seconds :)

Please let us know at if the uninstaller doesn't perform to your expectation.


Note: People with older versions of the beta *won't* see the option to "Remove outfox as homepage" - in this case the manual browser reset will still be needed after uninstallation of the program.

Your initial test group...where they employees? if they were then it is obvious they will say anything you want...people who get paid will say anything you want to hear. To think that people wouldn't have an issue with your program changing their settings (home page etc) and then to claim to not view that as malicious just shows your ignorance

They just can't get their head around 'bait and switch' and trespass while their bread is getting buttered.

well their bread isn't buttered on this pc anymore...I uninstalled firefox and all the garbage that goes with this useless invading program to go with the ignorance of them answering this post...outfox tv has been outfoxed

^ Firefox has nothing to do with that Outfox .TV garbage.

Don't really see how participating in the discussion shows ignorance when we try to help with uninstall. But as pointed out above, OutfoxTV has zero to do with Firefox. The original answers in this thread explain how to clear browser settings if they have not been successfully reset by the uninstaller.

I think OutfoxTV have received the message loud and clear that what they did was wrong, or rather the way they went about it. Forcing a user to put up with ads on each tab was too pushy and according to their rep they've gone down a different angle of showing a short ad at the beginning. This is to be expected for a free service.

I respect their involvement in this thread and that they took on the comments received and acted accordingly. Many other companies would just hide in the shadows.

I have not installed the new version so cannot confirm or deny that the changes were made though.

Rippled, Firefox is a program that an addon was installed. Addon inferring that it is something extra to facebook not a part of facebook.

Thanks Magnatolia, we expected to be improving all the time, it was a bad time of year to launch and receive overwhelming feedback, but we're getting there working at speed to release improved versions. We're not saying we expected to be always right, and we also definitely don't want to hide in the shadows.

The latest version : - doesn't set the new tab setting, - added a new tab instead of accidentally erasing existing saved tabs and - the uninstaller removes the program and all browser settings. - released an auto-update to remove the new tab issue altogether, so anyone with a unaltered installed version will have had that annoyance removed.

The version due to be released in the next 2-3 days will provide customization/settings so users are given options of how or if the desktop and browser versions are displayed on their PC.

We have had a team working hard through the holidays to address the feedback we received. We've intentionally not responded to people who want to keep questioning what sort of lowlife we might be, because we know how hard decent people have been working to try to fix any issues. We don't expect those who've written us off to either reinstall or feel the need to discuss us any more, but hopefully future users will benefit from this open discussion.

Happy New Year Carl

if you have nothing to do with it then why are you supporting it...I see in the address bar that is says support.mozilla...I don't see facebook supporting you?

dude, I think you're confused. This is a support forum provided by Mozilla.

They happen to be discussing OutfoxTV which I claim is a software application undergoing development to become the best way to watch free TV online (after some more work), and some have been describing as a virus. Regardless, one has nothing to do with the other.

There's plenty of people discussing Twitter on Facebook. Or newspapers writing articles about lost cats. That doesn't mean the cat owns the printing press, or vice versa :)

Happy New Year!

i followed the guide on this page. http://blog. mitechmate .com/ outfox-tv-pop-up-virus-remove-how-to-get-rid-of-outfox-tv/ it seems like that outfox tv is gone now.

James மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

@jacksuddlelj - in the unlikely event you're not posting from, a number of our users have reported being asked for $150USD from MiTechMate to remove the non-existent virus. The main reason they call on MiTechMate for help, is once they start following those instructions from the keyword-laden domain aimed at gaining SEO results for searching for OutfoxTV, the user removes files that are essential for OutfoxTV's uninstaller to run. This leaves the user stuck and dependent on calling on the MiTechMate tech support, which is charged for.

Why would anyone pay $150 to remove a program that has a built-in uninstaller?

Simple uninstall instructions are here. If that fails for any reason, we have free support via email at e:

Don't fall for the online scams claiming virus or malware. Like or hate OutfoxTV, we ship with an uninstaller and there is no malicious code within the program. Services like the one you've mentioned just invent risks then charge for the privilege of 'helping' you. Don't fall for it !

PS there is a new version out in the next day allowing user-changes to browser settings for OutfoxTV, and we will be providing a standalone uninstaller to stop rip-offs charging people to remove our program

lol @ don't fall for the online scams...bit rich coming from the guys who caused this issue in the first place as you are the scam and always have been a 2nd rate organisation

@rippled there's a bit of difference between developing and improving a product that installs with published Terms of Use, and learning from user feedback, and providing free support .... versus scamming the google search results to charge users $150 for something that is FREE until your supposed HELP screws up the uninstaller so it can never work.

Our motivation is to make sure the right information is in the marketplace, help people use and improve OutfoxTV, and help people uninstall if they don't want our product, if the inbuilt uninstaller doesn't work.

What's yours? Do you have an interest in any service that charges for removing viruses that don't exist?

You always seem to need to revert to insults. What a full online life you must lead.

I had this "accidentally" installed as well. I usually always read all the boxes that popup when installing software, but in these specific and rare circumstances I happened to install a bunch of stuff I trusted 100% and clicked OK without looking. It happened at the same time that a message from my "Daemon Tools Lite" installation popped up, prompting me to install an update. As I learned now, "Daemon Tools Lite" is using OpenCandy Malware, which installed the application. So, this is really sort of my own fault. Apart from a fright, I had only one permanent damage (after I uninstalled, etc): My Chrome browser is configured to "Continue where I left off" on start-up, and changed it to "Open a specific page or set of pages". It is a bad habit of mine to rely heavily on keeping tabs open of websites I need to do something on, and I don't have any kind of backup for that. So, through that change I lost all of those tabs (about 10). I recovered most of them by memory and going through the history, but not all of them. Again, this is sort of my own fault for not having a backup solution for that. But on the other hand you wouldn't expect any trustworthy software to do such a thing.

I understand that it's frustrating to be called a "virus" while definitely isn't one. But I can understand anyone who thinks it is, because it pretty much behaves like one (although more so in combination with OpenCandy) and is quite frightening.

But it concerns me that does not acknowledge the fact that it *is* malware! It does several malicious things:

  • It installs in a cheeky way (although a joint "fault" of, OpenCandy and Daemon Tools Lite, someone in's marketing department must have thought this malicious way of distribution is okay - the installer itself is, by definition, malware!)
  • It changes various browser settings without asking
  • It cannot be completely removed easily (which is fixed by now, but many downloaders will still have that old version)
  • It pops up annoying windows (at least by default, that might be configurable?)

They claim no-one complained about all of this when they intially tested the product. I very much doubt that that was proper testing, as I cannot think of any sane person not being completely alarmed by that behaviour. They say, they understand now that that behaviour was "annoying". No, it's not "annoying", it's *malicious*! I understand that it's not their intention to be malicious, but that doesn't change the fact that it still *is*. After all they actively decided to cooperate with a company which is commonly known to produce malware.

I have no idea what what actually is. It could be the greatest service in the world and they might improve the installation to be completely unintrusive in the future, but the current virus-like behaviour of their software is reason for me to never want to know anything more and to certainly never install it again. That's how damaging one single bad decision can be.

selfthinker மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Agreement with selfthinker. And it is worth considering that the mal-insertions were by third party renegades. But I have called no names, and have also seen no rational response to my asserted comparisons with the crimes of trespass and fraud by 'bait and switch'. Society would be better off if we were more trained in this repudiation of market fraud and abuse. I'm glad Outfox can offer choices to video access. But I can find what I need without them. Perhaps I'm a bit more discriminating than the average viewer. So, to reach me, they certainly could do better than partner with frauds. ...or be vulnerable to fraudsters abuse.

Quote "What's yours? Do you have an interest in any service that charges for removing viruses that don't exist? "

answer: No I do not, I was a victim just like all the other posts on here...a very disgruntled victim...can you not tell that or does your ignorance extend across your human emotion?

Quote "You always seem to need to revert to insults. What a full online life you must lead. "

Yes I do spend a lot of time that a problem for you? or a very subtle insult that YOU claim only I am doing? I think the later...anyway my point is proven due to the amount of posts and others claiming this is malware, as I did, and its time you guys owned up to it like men do and not hide in the corner amongst the shadows pointing the finger at someone else and always blaming third party's...

as far as resorting to insults, I do believe you were doing it long before I made my first post by insulting the intelligence of others with the claim that this has nothing to do with you, in saying that, all my comments were directed at the company and the have made it personal so you are the kunt...there is your personal insult as I said before, a second rate intrusive program that should be boycotted along with all affiliates.

rippled மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

This got installed on my system during a recent download and install of FreeStudio 2014. I looked at it briefly and while it might be useful for someone who is interested in media consumption on their devices, it is really not something I need.

During the installation I opted out of Conduit and OutFoxTV, but for some reason OutFoxTV installed anyway.

I find this kind of sniping installation disgusting and it serves to discourage me from trying your product further.

Having already dealt with the horrible expenditure of time in getting rid of Conduit in the past, I can now only associate your product with a long list of others that have no respect for a persons territory (PC), privacy, and sovereignty.

Good luck with your future business, I think you will need all the luck you can get by propagating your product in such an underhanded way.

@outfoxtv well the evidence is "evident" lol lets see if outfoxtv can translate that into an insult also...seems that more and more are coming forward to let you know what a giant mistake you made and this is not going to help your fact it will mar it in many eyes for many years to come. One should have thought clearly before releasing this in the way you did and then once the transgression took place, you, should have then taken responsibility for the intrusion in a much better way than you have by blaming others and claiming it has nothing to do with firefox when its removal or lack thereof is supported on the Mozilla page as shown in the address bar above. I realise I will still receive emails in regards to this discussion so you better get used to me commenting on nearly all of them as what you did was wrong. You can ignore me or try to indicate I have a sad online life as you did in an above post, but remember how you conducted yourself was for all to see and learn by.

@selfthinker good post and good points. Most of these issues are addressed in the new version of the OutfoxTV app.

@LWJackn - could you please confirm the download link you used and we will test it too. I just used and used the Custom Installation as clearly directed to opt out of the add-on options including OutfoxTV. See FreeStudio 2014 installed fine and there was no sign of OutfoxTV program installation. We have not found a single service voiding the agreed opt out selection. We would love it if you can provide proof of this happening against an opt-out request, including the link you used, or the referid in your browser, so we can replicate it.

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