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disabling javascript in firefox 23

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I saw my friend's Firefox beta which did not had any option to disable JavaScript . is it some where else or the option is removed ? If it is removed i should look for alternative browser until it comes to stable version of Firefox and leave Firefox for ever.

I saw my friend's Firefox beta which did not had any option to disable JavaScript . is it some where else or the option is removed ? If it is removed i should look for alternative browser until it comes to stable version of Firefox and leave Firefox for ever.

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Hello fawadmz, yes in firefox 23.0 JavaScript option to disable it, is not exist anymore, it is enable by default.

you can use NoScript Security Suite add-on to disable JavaScript in the sites you want ( a little aggressive add-on, but it is the best cop on the web)

or the Ghostery add-on

see for more information : JavaScript settings and preferences for interactive web pages

thank you

No one can guarantee reliability of an addon created by an individual. And This is not what i am looking for. i was temporary disabling JavaScript on sites. and was enabling it again. Now I hate Firefox and I hate Mozilla . Good bye for ever. they are taking away my freedom. And @ideato thanks for your response

using all addons makes you headache with enabling , disabling , restarting . which was possible with a click on setting .

The NoScript add-on, i use it personally from 2007, it is very accurate, you can temporary disabling JavaScript for a site or for all together, you can do almost whatever you like, i think you can give it a chance !

thanks again

NoScript itself has bad behavior in its past (attacking/disabling Adblock when installed together). Allowing such access to another party is far from an ideal solution. The less people you give access to your computer, the better.

This is a horrible and unexpected decision for Firefox. Unfortunately I don't know of any alternative or I would switch immediately. Firefox is abusing its position to put its users in a bad situation.

Wait, hold on, the ability to enable/disable JavaScript still exists. What was removed was the checkbox, because people often switched it off accidentally, breaking a lot of the web.

For those who know what they're doing, try it this way:

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.

(2) In the filter box, type or paste java and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click javascript.enabled to switch it from true to false (or back to true again).

If you want to try a different add-on than NoScript -- which I heartily recommend, but which isn't for those who want a simple on/off switch -- you could try this one:

Third party programs are a very poor method for something so simple. Now you have to worry about the third party program continuing to work, and whether you can trust an extra party (as I mentioned, even NoScript has done untrustworthy things before).

About:config is also a very poor method. It takes longer and is more annoying to use. You can't explain it to family members (since you don't want them messing with it). There have been times javascript was causing problems with a website and I could explain how to turn javascript back on when they were done with it. For that matter, I don't even want to be using it all the time since when I'm tired I might double click and change something accidentally (the option is mixed in right in the middle of tons of other stuff).

For such an important and simple function, these are ridiculously bad methods. I'm in shock Firefox has gone down this dark path. மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Is it possible to say it for a friend ? when they call you on phone and ask you ? It is safe to go to about config three times a day ? Obviously no. Mozilla is making mistake to throw its users. Third party addons are written by people or companies you even never heard their name. Who can guarantee that they won't collect every thing you have ? Who can guarantee that they are not vulnerable . I think it is the right time for Mozilla to bring the option back

fawadmz மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

" Who can guarantee that they won't collect every thing you have ? Who can guarantee that they are not vulnerable?"

All Add-ons available from the official Addons.Mozilla.Org website undergo a very rigorous multilevel Full Review process before they are allowed on the AMO website, and for every update of each add-on.

There are a few add-ons which receive a Preliminary Review and are classified as Experimental, and have this warning on their download page.
This add-on has been preliminarily reviewed by Mozilla.

Thanks but we shouldn't have to do that--in my case--multiple times per day. Mozilla needs to re-establish this user option in the content section. Same with the disabling images option. Like javascript, downloading images massively slows down and often outright freezes my computer and I need to re-enable it only when absolutely necessary. Both these user controls need to be brought back--ASAP!!!

Hi Huntress, I don't know whether these checkboxes will return any time soon. It seems unlikely. Do you know about these extensions? They have a more convenient UI than the old checkboxes, but yes, they are more bits and pieces to manage.

  • The Image Block extension "adds a toggle button that conditionally blocks/allows loading of images on webpages."
  • The Tab Permissions extension "adds 5 toolbar buttons and tab context menu for toggling tabs' permissions: Image, JavaScript, Redirect, Plug-in, Frame. You can easily change these permissions for each tab."

Thank you. I installed the Image Block and it works quite well. I followed a suggestion on another question (which I submitted) and installed an add-on called 'QuickJava' (suggested to me by Philipp) which also turns javascript on and off by clicking on a toolbar icon. (note: I had to drag the icon over to the toolbar--there's an image icon on quick java as well, but I already had the Image Block icon on the toolbar and that works well, so I'm sticking with it).

I don't know if the solutions that helped me will help everyone--but using the Image Block add-on to quickly turn 'automatic image loading' on and off and using QuickJava to quickly disable and enable javascript actually is working faster and easier (for me at least) then going through the FF browser options>content, etc. to perform these functions .

Thanks to all who offered suggestions.

I'm sorry, I have no helpful reply, but just had to say, thanks loads guys, you just ruined Firefox. Disabling java script was the easiest security measure when visiting questionable websites. You will no longer be my default browser, in fact, if i can find a replacement, I see no reason whatsoever to continue using it. Really Lame decision, guys.

EDIT: I'm sorry, I did not see your reply jscher2000, and thanks, that does work. But come on, this was the only solution? thanks, but I want my simple check box back -_-

ThanksAlot மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Removing the "disable JavaScript" checkbox disempowers the end-user from controlling *his* browser. Although I seldom disabled JS completely, I always used the sub-option to prevent scripts from disabling or changing context menus.

I am really annoyed that Mozilla has made this change. I don't see why I should install an add-on for something that should be basic functionality? Please change it back. If you want to prevent n00bs from accidentally turning off JS, then either hide it as an "advanced setting" or provide finer granularity of control in about:config.

I'm going to (begrudgingly) try NoScript, otherwise I'll roll-back to FFX 22.

I'm going to lock this thread, all relevant ways to turn JS on and off are above (Add-ons or about:config). this change was done to help protect the typical user from accidentally breaking Firefox and the web. For advanced users, either use an add-on or about:config. For those saying we should have moved it to an "Advanced users" menu, we did, that's what about:config is.