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How to backup History, Bookmarks, Profile, Everything in Firefox on Cloud for emergency restore?

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I work alot on Mozilla and at times, I forget to take backup of Firefox. Chrome has a feature with its Google ID which restores "Everything"

Does Firefox provide any feature anything like this.

தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது

Account name (the email address you used), Password, and the Sync Key / Recovery Key are the 3 things that you need to have to setup Sync on the "new device", which how reinstalled Firefox is classified.

And whatever you have selected under Sync My will be restored.

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Amit Kumar Thakur மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Ah, so I gotta do everything manually. (Need to remind myself of backup I guess) Well, thanx for the info.

I do know about Sync. It entirely depends on two machines atleast.

Not a "dependency"as such. Sync will work with one desktop device but so damn many users don't save their "Sync Key" / "Recovery Key" that Mozilla doesn't endorse Sync to be used as a "cloud" service. The Sync Key is the encryption / decryption key for the Sync data, and without that key the data is useless - no one can read that data.

When a user does have 2 or more devices on the same Sync account, the lack of knowing the Sync key isn't a problem because 2 devices can be "paired" to set up a "restored device" with Sync to recover data from the Sync servers.

We see way too many users who aren't even aware that the Sync Key / Recovery Key, much less saved that "key" in case they ever need it. See the screenshot below of the last setup window for Firefox Sync Setup. I suppose that very few Sync users read that window and actually Print or Save that page with the Sync Key, based upon the support postings that I see here and user comments that they "didn't know" about the need to know that "key" to retrieve their data.

Sync is far more sophisticated than the vast majority of Firefox users need - IMHO, due to the Sync Key and the users lack of being able to understand its' importance.

As far as other "services" like Google ID, what type of encryption do they have? Are they merely relying upon a secure connection to receive and send their users data, or is there an encryption key which only the user has?

And with the recent revelation of the NSA PRISM program, IMO if the users data isn't encrypted with "key" while that data is floating across the internet and while sitting on a "cloud server" somewhere, it may not be "secure".

So, if I setup my Sync and keep the restore key safe.

Just in case my OS crashes, will I be able to retrieve everything in firefox upto last sync?

தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது

Account name (the email address you used), Password, and the Sync Key / Recovery Key are the 3 things that you need to have to setup Sync on the "new device", which how reinstalled Firefox is classified.

And whatever you have selected under Sync My will be restored.

This does the job well enough for me. Thanx the-edmeister

Firefox Sync is NOT a viable answer as it does not back every thing up. depending on the version of FF used it wil only go back 2-3 months. Per documentation/forum posts version 6 was the last version to back every thing up due to causing server problems for mozilla.

Thanks Very Much for the explanation & clarification for successful use of sync. However one question remains, if I stop accessing the file for a long time (loss of, or use of my computer for many months, maybe even a year) how long before you scrub my file from your system?? Thanks

Sir; All of you (sync support) have major problems! You provided simple sensible well explained instructions for signing up with sync. you spoke of people not saving the sync key due to ignorance, etc, you are totally wrong! Unfortunately there was little relationship between your description and what sync did. There is no screenshot on the finish page! Nor is the sync key presented! I waited for almost 1/2 hr for the page you refer to- to appear, no dice. I decided I must have made a mistake, I canceled the entire account & started over again. The final page is simply the circle of arrows, with a msg that it’s Ok to close the window. NO screenshot or sync code. I don’t know what you are looking at but it’s not the same. This was done on FF-17-esr running on xp-sp3, fully updated.

A few hrs later I was to discover my sync key buried in the ‘sync’ tab within ‘options’, not where any of you said to look. somebody else in your group referred to finding it in the ‘sync menu’ under the ‘tools’ tab, no such entry. my entry is ‘sync now’.

Off topic- please redirect this to where it belongs, I have no idea where. I’m a 73yr old hardware engineer, analog, power, etc. I have little knowledge of programming, what you guys do is beyond me. This is system documentation bug- while I was rummaging around in ‘sync’ I discovered FF had tried to do an automatic upgrade to FF-24.2 while my modem was turned off. It Failed to Inform me of the problem or the available upgrade, It just went & hid in the closet! Please forward this to whoever for correction. For now I have switched it to-- Inform me, don’t try to autoinstall. Thanks

Back on topic- Hoping the sync problems would get better I told it to upgrade now, so now I’m on FF24- esr. Another Big Mistake. Many of my files didn’t get transferred during the upgrade.

Now your sync server has my full set if I can just get at them.   You provided me with a 33 character sync key, the sync key entry box only permits 12 characters!   How about a 2nd box under the main one for the long keys when you are online to a computer rather than a phone?   

In the meantime can you tell me (in detail) where I can enter my sync key so I may recover my files? Thanks

Please, can you forward this to whoever leads support.mozilla-, When we sign up for an account how about asking for the FF version + OS/model for each computer + phone they want support for? When we sign in, ask which one? hopefully the computer/phone type and the answers will match up better. Do the same for someone asking a forum question? Thanks-