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Where are my personas?

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  • Last reply by Patricia

Somehow your program updated me to Firefox 20 and the personas DO NOT display.

I've also never seen a company go so far out of their way to not want to communicate with their users.

edited by a moderator due to language

the-edmeister மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

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Are you in the Private Browsing mode?

Not that I know of. The only thing I changed on the privacy menu in Options was Never Remember History. I've used that setting on every version of Firefox, IE, etc. Never had a problem before. I don't see any mask on the firefox logo either.

You enter Private Browsing mode if you select "Never Remember History".

If you are in Private Browsing mode then the persona is disabled in Firefox 20 and later and you get the default theme and a possible purple PB icon on the tab bar and "(Private Browsing)" appended to the title bar.

How stupid is that. I like how these software companies think they know what people like and want. I don't want any history laying around on my computer and I use CleanMyPC almost on a daily basis as well for the rest of the junk my programs create. I don't know why people would want to keep their history. I guess once their computer gets hacked into they'll change their minds.

I fixed my problem after the first response. I downloaded Firefox 14 and my problems are solved. I have also turned off updates for firefox to make sure this will never happen again.

I have this issue too. Or I though it was an issue until I read #cor-el reply. Now I know it was intended. Although I'm not an expert on web security, I can't even imagine why would "Private Browsing" disable Personas/Themes in Firefox 20 and later. Is it to keep a secret about what personas/theme one's using? Is it a security issue? I'm using "Never Remember History" option and I'm not turning it off, so, it's to bad I can't see my theme anymore, it was nice while it last, R.I.P. personas, you'll be missed.

ProfOak மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

I agree it is stupid to disable personas when in private browsing. We can put people into outer space but you can't make the two work together. Pathetic.

  • bug 852295 - LW Themes do not display in Permanent Private Browsing mode post Per-Window PB

(please do not comment in bug reports:

Yes, in Private Browsing mode.

I see it was edited for language - well bad words help no one - but I have had a few unhelpful replies - your man was having a bad hair day I am Patriciaenola - my log in name - and I used to be able to change and view all my personas - I had 73 - now I have not one - and often when I want to use Firefox (which is version 24? AFAIK) it asks - in a small window for an email addy and a password - but the password prints and not the email - as for private browsing - what is that please explain and why do you need it - no need to go to a lot of trouble - a couple of useful links would serve - wont you please help as soon as possible I like my collection and want it back

Hi Patricia

You can read here more about Private Browsing mode:

If you are in Private Browsing mode then the Persona is disabled and later and you get the default theme and a possible purple PB icon on the tab bar and "(Private Browsing)" appended to the title bar.

Note that installed Personas are stored in the prefs.js file in the profile folder.

Did you use an extension to handle your installed Personas?

Did you ever reset Firefox or otherwise have created a new profile?

When you reset Firefox then a new profile is created and some personal data (bookmarks, history, cookies, passwords, form data) is automatically imported and the current profile folder will be moved to the desktop (Old Firefox Data).
You will lose extensions and other customizations (toolbars, prefs) that you've made.

I have always had patriciaenola as my use name - and no I have never had another different profile - but when I get advice from firefox there are links in the emails - and when I get help from you guys I do appreciate it but the links do not seem to work and this time I got back to you by keeping this window open and re-loading Yes - I downloaded the Personas plus add-on thinking it would help - did not re-set anything - only up dated and also I seem to have disabled the wallpaper rotator which was ugly any how and I never wanted not installed it neither Look - all I really want is my 78 personas and the lovely personas rotator back as they were please help me to do this and I'll be quiet and not bother you any more

Do you still see your Personas in Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance?

cor-el மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Yes - because I can still see them in my search for my favourite add-ons but I cannot actually use them - it is really upsetting because it means all 78 actually are not on my browser where they should be and at this time there seems to be no way of getting round it - do you speak "Newbie Speak" - I am beginning to think I am a "Lost Cause here"

Patricia மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Did you check if you are in Private Browsing mode?

  • Tools > Options > Privacy > Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history"
  • Deselect: [ ] "Always use private browsing mode"

It's not your fault - to be sorry - you are at least trying to help but the box for private browser was already unchecked - I dare say I have nothing to be private about - WYSIWYG - and I tried to download the personas plus - but since I do not have the firefox email - I have gmail and it works well with incredimail which I am using also I cannot find out what add-ons I actually have - I am a trifle lost here

Can you install a new Persona?

Previewing a lightweight theme (Persona) only works on sites that are white-listed via an allow exception, so make sure to have an allow exception the domain and possibly the domain if this domain is still used.

You can see the permissions for the domain in the current tab in:

  • Tools > Page Info > Permissions > [X] Install Extensions or Themes
  • Tools > Options > Security : "Warn me when sites try to install add-ons": Exceptions

Press the F10 key or tap the Alt key to bring up the hidden "Menu Bar" temporarily.

Firefox is noted to be ALLOWED in these cases - sure the comment was helping because it taught me something - how to go look for stuff but I regret it did not being back my Personas should I delete personas plus because perhaps it is not meant to work with me - only thing is I can see the add ons I have installed - no matter how I look and I did manage to just for a moment - downloaded a sleeping tiger persona but he has gone too I am learning something here - and I thank you but it has not worked yet Say if I re-boot - might that help - I shall now unpin you from the task bar - re-booting now

ALRIGHT - Cor-el - I have had difficulty getting in but I have re-booted and surely enough your advice has worked - and I think you are the best !! I find now with a tad of real help I can get things done -but perhaps after all a re-boot did help to solve it My thanks to you for the help you gave

Hi patriciaenola,

Please ignore I seem to have posted after only seeing part of the thread !!


I guess you may be trying to follow this from a mix of email links and forum links or open tabs.

It probably helps if you review your previous questions, and if this is something outstanding ask a new question. (Your earlier questions are either locked or apparently solved).

In fact the best way to review all of these is to log into the support website and use this link

To ask a new question

  1. Please start your own thread using /questions/new
  2. Try to follow the prompts and include full troubleshootng information when you post.
  3. If you wish post back again in this thread to confirm you have asked a new question.

John99 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

thanks in any case for dropping by and inquiring that was very kind

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